Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin fueled by Curcugen is the newest curcumin on the market.

If you are looking for the best curcumin supplement on the market, you have come to the right place. The Fortifeye team of doctors have been researching and looking for the best curcumin supplement for many years. They have used many different brands over the years and have found that the absorption is very poor on tumeric and curcumin supplements. In order to enhance the absorption properties many synthetic agents are often times added or ingredients that have potential long term health risks associated with them. Fortifeye Vitamins wanted a curcumin that was as natural as they come with clinical studies to prove the superior absorption properties. In their quest for the best curcumin supplement, they were introduced to the newest curcumin on the market called Curcugen. They did a small pilot study with a gummy and capsule containing Curcugen and were impressed enough to select Curcugen as their curcumin of choice. Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin was born. This next generation curcumin comes n a delicious gummy or a capsule.

Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin Gummy

Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin Fueled by Curcugen (90 Gummies or 30 capsules)

  • 39-times enhanced bioavailability (Free Curcumin)
  • Supports overall well-being
  • Antioxidant
  • Reduces exercise-induced pain and discomfort
  • Supports immunity
  • Fully natural turmeric- oleoresin extract
  • Patent-pending SELFD™ technology
  • 50% curcuminoids
  • Retained turmeric essential oils
  • Natural curcuminoid ratios
  • Sustained released mechanism
  • Self-dispersing properties
  • Versatile delivery options
  • Clinically proven

Curcugen™ is a clean, highly concentrated, clinically studied curcumin ingredient, fully derived from a turmeric base with a high, 50% curcuminoid concentration.
It is derived from turmeric oleoresin as base ingredient with a more comprehensive profile of turmeric bioactives than the industry- standard starting material, 95% curcuminoids.
The oleoresin is the native matrix where turmeric’s curcuminoids, essential oils and resins are found, which support its unique characteristics as a food and health ingredient.

The Curcugen™ oleoresin is optimized by the patent-pending SELFD™ platform technology. In this unique format, the natural ratio of curcuminoids is maintained, its beneficial essential oils are retained, and otherwise discarded resins are made functional. The functional resins in Curcugen™ add significant value to the ingredient, enhancing the bioavailability and dispersion properties.

This unique technology enhances free curcumin’s bioavailability 39 fold, delivers a self-dispersion profile for easy and versatile delivery options, and provides a sustained release mechanism for efficient dosing.

.Curcugen® is a dispersible, 98.5% turmeric-based curcuminoids formula, 39-times bioavailability-enhanced to improve plasma absorption and clinical efficacy. A next generation curcuminoids formula, Curcugen® is synergized by numerous turmeric-native actives, is food and beverage friendly, has a self-affirmed GRAS assessment, and is uniformly compliant to meet regulatory standards in markets across the globe.

Curcuminoids, turmeric essential oils and resins are naturally housed within the turmeric oleoresin. They are exclusively represented in Curcugen® and complemented by a diverse spectrum of other turmeric native compounds. Curcugen’s full-spectrum profile benefits from the strategic and patent-protected application of safe, food-grade solvents and precipitants.

Curcugen® is the only oleoresin-sourced turmeric active on the market to generate its absorption benefit from the dispersion power found in a previously ignored turmeric native – ‘polar’ resins.

Many patients that have been taking either the gummy curcumin or the capsules have experienced pain relief in less than two hrs after taking the supplement. If you want the best curcumin supplement, then Learn more about Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin at

Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin the best curcumin
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Dr Michael Lange develops all new Fortifeye Naked Protein

Fortifeye Vitamins and Dr Michael Lange have developed an all new extremely pure natural non denatured protein called Fortifeye Naked Super Protein. Fortifeye Naked Protein comes from New Zealand pesticide free pasture raised grass fed A2 cows .  These cows are not fed any hormones or antibiotics .  This whey protein concentrate has no flavoring, no stevia, no guar Gum and no lecithin.  This protein is the purest highest quality protein available in the world. Consuming Fortifeye Naked Super Protein daily will give the body the most bio-available fast acting protein that will help aid in building a strong , muscular lean physique.  Dr Michael Lange also states consuming a grass fed whey protein concentrate daily is one of the best ways to help stimulate glutathione levels. Glutathione is the master anti oxidant in the body responsible for detoxification and a strong immune system .  Dr Lange recommends reading labels carefully to see what other chemicals may be in a protein powder and also find out where the protein comes from.  Fortifeye Naked Super Protein  can be combined with Fortifeye Blue Green Super Food as a healthy meal replacement .  This protein can be added to waffles, pancakes and smoothies to gain the valuable additional protein that may be lacking in many of our diets.   Start down the path of anti aging today with Fortifeye Naked Super Protein.  Learn more and order at

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Protect and improve eye and total body health with the new Fortifeye Focus

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and talk show host


Dr Michael Lange discusses how the new Fortifeye Focus may benefit everyone.

Ever since the introduction of computers, tablets, smart phones and  led lighting we have seen a tremendous surge in patients complaining of eyes that feel wiped out, fatigued, tired and dry.  Clinically we are also seeing macula disease at much earlier ages.   This is not a coincidence, it may be related to the prolonged periods of time we are being exposed  to the high intensity visible spectrum or blue light in our indoor  environment.  This  blue light  becomes cumulative over time and may  cause potential damage to the eyes and entire body.   This combination is creating a syndrome called computer vision syndrome and also exposing the macula to damaging blue light.  Is there anything u can do short of living in a tent with no electricity?  Yes there are  two things I recommend to all of my patients these days to help protect them…

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Eye Vitamin is a true Anti Aging supplement for the entire body.


Michael Lange OD, CNS  develops eye supplement that has some overall anti aging properties.

Anti Aging is a hot topic these days! Dr Michael Lange a board certified optometric physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist is well aware of this topic. Dr Lange has been hosting a popular talk show called “ask the Dr” since April 1993 all on eye care and nutrition. Dr Michael Lange is also the founder and CEO of Fortifeye Vitamins. Dr Lange developed a supplement about 4  years ago called Fortifeye Focus to help improve the focusing ability in the eye naturally. He has enhanced the supplement with small changes 3 times over the last 4 years based on ongoing research.  This supplement has become the hottest supplement in the Fortifeye Vitamin line. This is a combination of three carotenoids 10mg Lutein, 2mg Zeaxanthin isomers and 6mg Astaxanthin. The newest version of Fortifeye Focus  is using a fish gelatin with non gmo olive oil.  Dr Lange states this supplement is an incredible supplement for the eye since it improves accommodation and decreases eye fatigue. These nutrients also improve macular pigment density and act as an internal and external sun screen by absorbing many of the UV and HIV (high intensity visible) rays of light. Dr Lange states many of his patients report dramatic improvement in near vision, night vision and reduction in eye strain after taking one pill a day for two to three weeks. These three nutrients work synergistically together at combating against free radical damage and inflammation. Dr Lange and many other doctors around the world have seen improvements in dry eye, macular degeneration, iritis, uveitis and many other inflammatory conditions when patients adjust their diet and add this supplement. There is currently a lot of media and scientific attention directed toward the harmful effects of the blue/ violet visible spectrum of light between 390-490 nm. The blue light that appears to be the most harmful to the eye is between the range 400-420nm. Blue light defense and Blue Light Shield are new clear lenses available that have the ability to filter these harmful blue rays of light. Dr Lange has multiple testimonials from patients wearing the new Blue Light Defense lenses that state they have  improved sleep and energy levels and also reduced eye strain and overall stress to their bodies.  Learn more at

. Fortifeye focus also has the ability to absorb these harmful rays by acting as an internal sunscreen. Dr Lange discusses the importance of not only blocking the UV light but also blocking portions of the blue light on his radio show and with his patients daily. The great thing about taking the supplement Fortifeye Focus for your eye health is it is also incredible for the entire body. The Lutein and Zeaxanthin have potent anti oxidant properties and are also great for skin health. The real all-star in the Fortifeye Focus is the 6 mg of Astareal astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a super carotenoid that has both anti inflammatory properties and anti oxidant properties.  Astaxanthin  is the top antioxidant at quenching free radical damage :  6000 times stronger than Vitamin C, 800 times stronger than C0Q10, 550 times stronger than Vitamin E, 550 times stronger than green tea catechins.  Astaxanthin also crosses the blood brain and blood retinal barrier bringing its amazing health improving properties to these two valuable organs.  New studies indicate astaxanthin  is beneficial to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients.  This valuable carotenoid improves recovery after patients have suffered a stroke.  Many athletes world-wide claim astaxanthin improves their muscle endurance and muscle recovery and Dr Lange has verified this with his amateur and professional athletes. Many patients claim they don’t need to use sunscreen anymore after they have been taking Fortifeye Focus for one month. Dr Lange lives on Clearwater beach and he has not used a sun screen in three years since he developed Fortifeye Focus. Many patients have reported dramatic symptomatic relief from their joint pain after taking Fortifeye Focus. Patients have reported improvements in their cholesterol and triglyceride  levels as well as their c- reactive protein numbers on this supplement.  Many people world-wide have benefited cosmetically because the combination of nutrients in Fortifeye Focus improves skin health and minimizes wrinkles in the face.   Dr Lange states the addition of a good triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil along with the Fortifeye Focus improves the effects of both. While studying omega index and other inflammatory markers via blood samples Dr Lange discovered lower inflammatory markers with the patients that were taking both Fortifeye Super Omega and Fortifeye Focus. Dr Lange claims this combination is the natural “double whammy” against inflammation in the body and the eye. 1000s of people throughout the globe are taking Fortifeye Focus many with some amazing testimonials. Aging is a combination of many things but inflammation and oxidation are two keep components. Now a combination of three nutrients along with a good triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil will help you age gracefully. Many eye care providers throughout the world carry Fortifeye Vitamins.  Start benefiting today !!   Learn more and order at

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New Non-denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed Pasture raised New Zealand A2 cows.

Non denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed A2 cows

Dry Eye Nutrition

Fortifeye Super Protein Fortifeye Super Protein


Dr Michael Lange briefly describes all new Fortifeye Super Protein.

Fortifeye Super Protein is an all new Non Denatured whey protein concentrate from grass-fed New Zealand A2 cows.  These are cows that have never been genetically altered that feed year round on pesticide free grass pastures in New Zealand.  This protein is rBGH & rBST hormone free, antibiotic free,  non GMO, soy free, corn free, wheat free and  gluten-free.  A2  milk is produced from A2 cows which have the protein A2 beta casein which is differnt form the A!1 beta casein produced by A1 cows.  A2 beta casein is the original form of beta casein produced by cows 1000s of years ago.   A1 beta casein is believed to have occurred 1000s of years ago from  a series of genetic mutations.  A2  cows milk and beta casein is believed to be more nutritious than A1  and actually have…

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Dr Michael Lange develops 2 new supplements under Fortifeye Label.

Fortifeye Super Protein

Fortifeye Vitamins started as an eye vitamin company and now through almost 20 years of nutritional research has expanded into total body wellness.  Dr Michael Lange, Fortifeye CEO says that when we improve ocular  health we improve overall health  and vice versa.   The majority of  people as they mature are lacking in good quality protein and glutathione the master antioxidant in the body starts to decline .  Whey protein concentrate is the most bio available form of protein and it also stimulates glutathione.  Dr Lange has been studying the benefits of Whey protein for many years and was not very happy with the products on the market.  Most of the whey protein has been denatured, contains  many binders, fillers, artificial ingredients , gmo ingredients and only small amounts of the good quality protein.   Dr Lange has developed a protein  called Fortifeye Super Protein that will be available November 2015.   This protein will be derived from Grass fed New Zealand A2 cows that are not fed any hormones or antibiotics.   This will be a whey protein concentrate not an isolate .  The latest research is proving that the concentrate  (least processed form of whey protein) is higher in immunoglobulins and better at stimulating glutathione production than an isolate.  Dr Lange feels the Whey Protein concentrate is the far superior protein for his family and patients.  This new protein will come in chocolate and vanilla and will contain only  organic flavor systems and nothing  artificial.  This will be available  in November 2015  at or any Lange Eye Care location.

Towards the end of 2015 or early 2016 Fortifeye vitamins will have Fortifeye Organic Blue- Greens Super Food.  This will be an all organic, gluten-free non gmo powdered superfood you mix with water.  This new superfood will  be Paleo  and FODMAP compliant.  People of all ages will be able to take this to gain valuable nutrients that are missing in the typical American diet.  Nutrients like wheat grass , barley grass, Spirulina, kale, baby leaf spinach, cucumber, parsley, peppermint leaf, cinnamon, blue berry, strawberry, cranberry  and a few others will be in this formula.  All fruits and vegetables that may cause fermentation in the intestines and gas and bloating have been left out. This product will not have any added fiber like most products on the market.  Added fiber can actually block the absorption of the valuable nutrients in greens formulas.  The combination of the Super Protein and The Blue Greens super food will ba a complete meal and can be used in a weight management program under physician supervision.

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Dr Michael Lange talks Natural Anti Aging

Dr Michael Lange talks Natural Anti Aging.

via Dr Michael Lange talks Natural Anti Aging.

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Dr Michael Lange develops aids to digestion.


Dr Michael Lange OD, CNS has been involved in the Research and Development of vitamins for the eyes and body for many years. He preaches “food is medicine” to his patients and his radio listeners for over 20 years. Dr Lange has been hosting as syndicated radio show called “ask the dr”, for over 20 years on nutrition and eye care. Dr Michael Lange believes digestion is crucial for good overall health as well as good eye health. Foods of today are overly processed, synthetic, genetically modified and nutritionally deprived compared to the foods 30 years earlier. We are seeing more and more digestive issues in society today. We all know someone with gerd, acid reflux, IBS, heart burn, celiac, ulcerative colitis or chrohns just to mention a few. It is really important for people to eat the foods that contain live enzymes and probiotics. Many digestive problems would vanish if the typical American would do a complete dietary over haul. I recommend eating more raw fruits and vegetables, yogurt, kefir, manuka honey, apple cider vinegar, miso soup and fermented vegetables. These foods are packed with probiotics and live enzymes that will improve digestion. However this is not realistic with todays busy schedules, people will continue to eat fast food, junk food and overly processed foods because it is convenient. The majority of the population will benefit from taking enzymes with their cooked meals and taking probiotics in the am or the pm on an empty stomach. Dr Michael Lange has developed a new line of digestive aids. Fortifeye Enzymes and Fortifeye Probiotics are in the final stages of development. Once digestion is improved ocular health and overall health may improve. These probiotics and enzymes will be available by Middle of July 2014. call 866 503 9746 or

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New technology and proper nutrition may decrease vision loss from macular degeneration.

New technology and proper nutrition when combined may decrease needless vision loss from macular degeneration states Dr Michael Lange

Dr Michael Lange an optometric physician and certified nutrition specialist says the way we diagnose and initiate treatment for macular degeneration is changing. Dr Lange is the owner of Lange Eye Care and Associates a large optometric / ophthalmological eye care center in Florida consisting of 10 locations. The key with dry macular degeneration is early detection and then start the patient on the appropriate dietary plan and regiment of supplements. Dr Lange states that specific lifestyle changes are a very important aspect of helping the macular degenerative patients as well. Many new discoveries in technology and nutrition are proving to be beneficial for the macular degeneration patient. The doctors at Lange Eye Care in Florida are helping patients become pro active in their future eye health. Dr Lange says we are seeing fewer patients progressing to legal blindness if they follow some specific recommendations we make.

DNA testing for macular degeneration has really opened our eyes on the way we make nutritional recommendations for our patients. We use a DNA test called Macular Risk that is a simple in office cheek swab that is covered by most insurance and medicare. Any of our patients that have any early signs of macular degeneration will have this DNA test done in the office. The results take about six weeks and will give the doctor an idea of how aggressive the macular degeneration may be based on a scale 1-5. This DNA test also allows us to determine if zinc is actually good for the retina of this particular patient or potentially bad for the patient. New studies indicate that close to 50% of patients that have specific DNA for macular degeneration need to be taking supplements without zinc! This new science is allowing us to customize the vitamin formulations our macular degeneration patients take. Most OTC macular degeneration vitamins have 80 mg of zinc oxide that may be toxic to many patients. Fortifeye Vitamins was the first in the industry to address this with a zinc free macular degeneration supplement. This is a whole body supplement not just an eye vitamin that we recommend quite often clinically based on these DNA tests. to learn more go to , Optometrists and Ophthalmologists must test DNA if they are making nutritional recommendations for macular degeneration. Dr Lange believes if we make the retina healthier then we make the entire body healthier and vice versa. If DNA testing is not done for whatever reason, Dr Lange recommends patients with frequent Urinary tract infections, neuro degeneration, prostate issues or kidney problems to avoid zinc and he does not recommend going any higher than 40 mg of zinc in others without doing DNA testing. Dr Lange says we have seen many patients actually improve once we have put them on DNA directed nutritional supplements and diets. We will also make specific dietary recommendations based on the results of the DNA, some foods are much higher than others in zinc. The take home message for this is Test patients DNA whenever conditions warrant. This DNA test will also help the doctor determine how often and what additional test will need to be run on each patient. A patient with a risk factor of five will warrant more frequent office visits and specific retina tests versus a risk 1.

Dr Michael Lange is using Zinc Free Macular Defense by Fortifeye on close to 50% of the patients he sees with ARMD. This is a formula Dr Lange developed and has been using for some time. Fortifeye Vitamins has six different levels of supplements that can be recommended by eye care providers based on weight, age, disease level and DNA. Dr Lange states ” everyone’s DNA is different and therefore everyone’s nutritional recommendations wont be the same”. Dr Lange also believes in discussing specific dietary recommendations with his macular degeneration patients. He will recommend patients consuming foods that are high in lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin and resveratrol. He recommends patients try to follow a gluten-free organic paleo diet, get plenty of exercise, hydration and sleep. He really pushes Omega 3 from fish or good triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil like Fortifeye Super Omega. Dr Lange says that all the science is so positve for taking the correct form of omega 3. The essential fatty acids in omgea three act like a shuttle system for the carotenoids and increase the absorption. Taking omega 3 fish oil while taking the new Fortifeye Zinc Free Macular Defense is what Dr Michael Lange recommends.

Science has concluded that not only the UV light from the sun is harmful to the eye but maybe even more harmful is the Blue light. Blue light is emitted from both natural and artificial light sources during the day and night. The doctors at Lange Eye Care recommend all patients especially macular degeneration patients use either Blu Tech lenses ,crizal Prevencia or Viso Prevensia. These are new generation lenses that block UV and also have blue filtering properties as well. Dr Lange says it is crucial to filter the blue light in patients especially macular degeneration patients after cataract surgery. More and more evidence is emerging promoting the potential ocular health benefits and overall health benefits from filtering the blue light.,

Dr Michael Lange is very excited about a new at home monitoring device developed for macular degeneration patients called Foresee Home AMD Monitoring program. Dr Lange’s office will be one of the first eye care centers in the country to utilize this technology. This is the first FDA cleared home telemonitoring system for macular degeneration patients. ForeseeHome allows patients to take a proactive role in preserving their vision at home. This advanced technology allows for the detection of early macular changes before the patients is aware. The device transmits the results of the test daily to a monitoring center via a cellular modem or phone line. This device has been clinically proven to be extremely sensitive at picking up the earliest change from dry macular degeneration to the more visually devastating form called wet macular degeneration. The data center then alerts the doctors office of the potential changes in the patients retina and allows for much earlier intervention by the retina specialist to lessen the potential damage!

In summary the combination of DNA testing to know what nutritional recommendation to make combined with filtering the blue light may have a positive impact on decreasing the chances of dry armd from converting to wet armd. Then daily at home testing with ForeseeHome will alert the physician at the earliest time for potential dry armd turning wet. Remember the key is early detection. Doctors can utilize the new DNA testing to help gauge what supplements and who will need the at home testing device. Patients with macular degeneration or a family history of macular degeneration need to see Optometrists and Ophthalmologists that are in tune with this new technology. This combination of advanced technology and nutrition will enhance peoples lives by helping to preserve their vision.

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New Zinc Free Macular Degeneration Vitamin developed by Michael Lange OD

The first Zinc Fee Genotype Directed Macular Degeneration Vitamin developed by Michael Lange OD for Fortifeye Vitamins.

Zinc Free Fortifeye Macular Defense

Zinc Free Fortifeye Macular Defense

Michael Lange OD, CNS has been involved in clinical nutritional research for macular degeneration for many years. This new formula takes all the latest research and incorporates it into one formula. Zinc Free Fortifeye Macular Defense uses a unique delivery system that uses a USP certified tablet with micro beadlets inside that allows different absorption rates for specific nutrients.  The micro beadlets contain the lutein and zeaxanthin isomers ( zeaxanthin and meso zeaxanthin) allowing them to have maximum absorption later in the digestive tract.  This new formula has no beta-carotene or vitamin A, no Zinc, no synthetic dyes or synthetic nutrients in a tablet that most people can swallow quite easily.   Some of the newer nutrients that Michael Lange OD has determined may be beneficial to retina ans well as over all health are used in this new formula.  This new supplement isn’t only an eye vitamin but also an entire body nutrient. This is your eye vitamin, multi vitamin, vegie and fruit blend and enzymes all in one.  This was developed for patients that have been told zinc is bad for their health or bad for their retina. New DNA testing can be done on a patient that will determine if zinc is good or bad.  Dr. Michael Lange recommends MDs and ODs routinely doing these DNA tests on their patients to determine if their patients should be on Zinc Free Macular Defense or Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense ( with zinc) .  Michael Lange OD, CNS is the first Doctor in the world to test his macular degeneration patients DNA and then start them on Fortifeye Zinc Free Macular Defense supplements.  Dr. Lange states ” we have been seeing some amazing positive changes in our macular degeneration patients when we  adjust their diets, life styles and supplements, it will be exciting to see how much more of a positive impact we will have now using DNA directed supplements for macular degeneration”! Learn more and order here

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