About Dr. Michael Lange and site

Dr. Michael Lange inside Lange Eye institute in the Villages Florida

Dr. Michael Lange inside Lange Eye institute in the Villages Florida

This site is one of the many blog sites created by Dr. Michael Lange optometric physician and certified nutrition specialist, syndicated talk show host,  founder of Lange Eye care and Associates and Fortifeye Vitamins.  This site will educate the viewer on the benefits of proper nutrition for eye health.  It will discuss many types of eye vitamins and the specific benefits of each.  The information used in this site has been gathered over 20 years of clinical experience in one of the busiest geriatric eye care centers in the state of Florida.  1000s of hours of research has been utilized in the development of the vitamins and protocols listed on this site. This is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive eye exam with your optometrist or Ophthalmologist. learn more about  Dr. Lange and Lange Eye Care go to www.drmichaellange.com, www.langeeyecare.com and www.fortifeye.com


2 Responses to About Dr. Michael Lange and site

  1. Kim McVie says:

    Why aren’t your vitamins sold at Costco? The zinc-free eye supplement is quite expensive.

    • eyedude92 says:

      great question! Most vitamins u buy OTC have a minimum of a 6 times mark up, this is why i dont recommend any OTC vitamins they are very weak and they use synthetic nutrients and dyes to save money. We dont even double the price of Fortifeye so wearhouse clubs would have to sell it for way too much to get the profit they want! if they sold it , it would be more $ than we sell it online. remember,” you get what u pay for”, many macular degeneration formulas you can buy OTC are actually causing more harm than good. Hope this helps, any other questions feel free to ask. Dr. Mike

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